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I went there for an oil change with my dad's used car. I was unsure of the year and wrote down a guesstimate and told the oil express employee I was not sure.

They said they would take care of it and just went by what year I put down. (They didn't even bother to check the hood of the car or V-number.This led to them putting a wrong sized oil filter and the screw was coming undone and oil leaked out to and from work for several days. I was not aware of this until I was leaving work one day and realized my car was making odd, rattling sounds and the oil light was turning on. My engine was done.

I left my car there and asked the Oil Express guy what to do, he told me to get a tow and he would cover the expenses. We brought it to a mechanic and he confirmed it was due to the wrong filter. The oil express guy apologized. He went back to his job and told me that because I put the wrong year, it was not their fault but mine....

I expected them to know what they were doing and even told them I was not sure from the beginning. Now I am left with no car. The manager for that Oil Express never even bothered to follow up with me to at least pay for the tow truck. I had to personally contact them back days later and he told me to bring the receipt.

I hardly even want to go and step foot in that place again, so a mere $120 for the tow makes me feel mocked. I am just so disappointed and frustrated with this. I asked him again if he is confirming that they were not responsible, which he responded saying, "I'm not saying anything." I reminded him of what he said earlier in our phone call and he then agreed saying "Yes, we were responsible." He was trying to be wishy washy with his wording; which I can understand why.

The company says they care about their customers and have years of experience and have serviced over 20 million vehicles. With that kind of service, I am never going to an Oil Express again and neither are my coworkers, friends or family.

If the customer is unsure, shouldn't their professionalism take action and always double check everything to make sure it is in order? I do not understand how a company cannot take responsibility for their physical actions.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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